Commercial Real Estate

Illiano Group has a strong and varied portfolio of commercial projects, with over 90% occupancy. Contact Us today to join our extensive tenant list.


Auto Parts Bldg 407 S Main Street
Carquest logox100 Mount Airy Auto Parts 2005
mini-market-el-mana-x100 Mini Market El Mana 2015


Firehouse Building  235-239 S Main Street
concettas_logoX100 Concetta’s Tenant Since 2007
georges-girlsX100 George’s Girls Tenant Since 2014
CryinJohnniesX100 Cryin’ Johnnies Tenant Since 2013
upprdeckX100 The Upper Deck Tenant Since 2007
oldtowne2X100 Olde Town Catering Tenant Since 2014


Main Street Plaza 1311 S Main Street
california-tortilla-100 California Tortilla Tenant Since 2009
katana-logo-100 Katana Sushi Tenant Since 2009
peeprs-100 Peepers / Solo Tenant Since 2009
Tropic Tanning and Nail Tenant Since 2009
att19058de-100 Mid Atlantic Pro Tel – AT&T Tenant Since 2011
Suite 201 Guntner US LLC Tenant Since 2014
carr-counseling-100 Carroll Counseling Center Tenant Since 2009
Damascus_Dental_Logo_1459521264-100 Dr. Steven McKane Tenant Since 2009
studio-allure1-100 Studio Allure Hair Design Tenant Since 2010
real estate teams 1-100 Real Estate Teams Tenant Since 2011
Absolute Turnover Services Tenant Since 2015
Financial Solutions Group Tenant Since 2011
 Suite 300 Vacant – For Lease Info
phystherapylogo-100 Mt Airy Physical Therapy Tenant Since 2012
 Suite 302 Vacant – For Lease Info
cetrom-blue-100 CETROM Information Techn. Tenant Since 2011
Frederick Pediatrics
Tenant Since 2016
snap-100 Snap Fitness 24/7 Tenant Since 2009
hiyadownload-100 Hi Ya! Karate Tenant Since 2009


Mount Airy Inn 1401 S Main Street
inn-100 Mount Airy Inn Tenant Since 2010
Barber Shop Tenant Since 2013
dunkin-donuts-logo-wallpaper-100 Dunkin Donuts Tenant Since 2010



Ridgeville Plaza I 208 E Ridgeville Blvd
Paradise Spa Tenant Since 2001
 Subway_Logo_OG-100 Subway Tenant Since 2001
  Thrivent Financial Tenant Since 2015
Schaefer Construction Mgt Tenant Since 2010
 Suite 203
Suite 204 Vacant – For Lease Info
Arby's_logo-100 Arby’s Tenant Since 2000
pnc-gif-100 PNC Bank Tenant Since 2001

get pics temp ridge2

Ridgeville Plaza II 1604 Ridgeside Drive
greene-turtle-logo-100 Greene Turtle Tenant Since 2005
Suite 201 Greystone Investment Management INC.  Tenant Since 2017
Suite 202 Vacant – For Lease Info
Eberts and Harrison, Inc. Tenant Since 2016
Suite B-1 Vacant – For Lease Info
Bruce & Merrilees Tenant Since 2014
CMS Mortgage Tenant Since 2011
Mycroft Softworks, Inc Tenant Since 2016
Suite B-6 Vacant – For Lease Info